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At MoneySwell, we strive to provide accurate information on personal finance and investing. Our content and the math behind our application has been reviewed by Certified Financial Planners, but we ourselves are not CFPs or any other form of “official” financial advisor. Our goal is to provide you with educational resources that will help you make informed financial decisions for yourself.

While our content and the tasks in the action plans (including Financial Priorities) are based on commonly held opinions in the financial industry about how to improve financial health, it should not be construed as professional financial advice for your specific circumstances. Should you require this advice, you should seek the professional services of a licensed tax or financial advisor. Additionally, many of the opinions expressed in our educational content are grounded in a historical perspective of how financial markets have performed over the long-term. But no one can predict the future with certainty and all personal financial decisions carry risk. The financial decisions you make and the risks you take are yours alone.

3rd Party Resources

At times, MoneySwell may reference financial products, interest rates, and other third party financial resources. Since we do not control the financial products, rates, and resources from these third parties, and since these may change without notice, we encourage you to investigate these resources for yourself directly from those providers before making decisions that may impact your financial health. Additionally any information about specific securities or investment products are for educational purposes only and should not be viewed as investment advice.

Our Revenue Model

Finally, while MoneySwell may reference and review other financial resources including books, blogs, podcasts and more, we do not receive any compensation for this. MoneySwell generates revenue solely through subscription fees from our users for using our software and does not generate any revenue from advertisements, affiliations, or other recommendations. This allows us to maintain a level of impartiality we would not otherwise be able to achieve.