How to Open Your Account

Quick Look

  • Once you know the brokerage company you’re going with and the account type you’re going to open, actually opening and funding the account is pretty straightforward – just follow the guidance below.

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    1. Go to the website of the brokerage company (or if you’re enrolling in an employer-sponsored plan, ask your HR department for a link to their specific retirement plan website link).
    2. Find the “open account” link or button. This is usually quite prominently displayed on the homepage or another main page. 
    3. Provide personal details like Social Security number, date of birth, contact information, employer information. For the employer information, you may need to provide the address and phone number of where you work (or the corporate headquarters details if you work remotely).
    4. Fund your account by transferring funds into your retirement account. If you already have a checking or savings account with the brokerage firm you can often make the transfer and have the funds available immediately. If you need to transfer from another institution, you may need to provide your account number and routing number or link an external account – a process that can take a few days to fully complete (but may be worth it in the end if you plan on making regular contributions). 


Congratulations! You’ve opened your account. You’re now ready for your next task: choosing your investment and making your first purchase!

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