Determine Investment Account Type

Quick Look

  • The account you make the extra investment in is completely up to you.
  • The likelihood of withdrawing funds (either contributions or earnings) prior to retirement may impact your choice of account (see “Limitations” column).
  • You could make the investment in a pre-tax retirement account (e.g. a 401k or IRA account), a post tax retirement account (e.g. a Roth IRA), or a standard investment account.

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When do you want to use the funds?

There are several considerations to make but the most important is that if you’re planning to take out your investment principal and/or earnings prior to retirement, you’ll have the most flexibility if you are using a standard investment account.

This is because retirement-specific investment accounts have tax advantages but lose elements of flexibility if you use the funds prior to a certain age, usually 59 ½ years old.

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