Build a Mindset for Financial Security

Quick Look

  • Your “Financial Security” mindset centers around three key concepts:
    • Protecting what you have – e.g. your health, identity, and accounts
    • Preparing for the unexpected – e.g. by building an emergency fund
    • Fervently attacking those things that are most likely to stop you from achieving your goals – e.g. high-interest debt


If you’ve completed the tasks in the Foundations tier of your MoneySwell Financial Priorities plan (available to logged in users), you understand key personal finance concepts, are able to meet your basic day to day financial needs, and have the tools you need to track where you stand. Well done! And…it’s just a first step. Now that you’re focused on the Security tier, your objective is to sure up your foundation so you can’t be pulled off track.

To achieve solid financial security, we’ll focus on the categories of Health, Money, Identity, Automation, and Debt. Let’s take a brief look at why each of these are so important.


Nothing is so important as your health. But unfortunately – particularly if you’re used to being in good health – it can easily be taken for granted. Given the structure and high costs of healthcare, it is essential to protect your health with insurance. Not having adequate health insurance may not only mean you wrack up a large medical bill when you need care, it may also mean you don’t get the care you need. Depending on the circumstances, this may even affect your ability to earn a living. That’s why one of the key topics in the Security tier is all about health insurance.


If it seems obvious that’s because it is: having money set aside as a safety net will protect you when you encounter a problem money can solve. What may be less obvious is precisely how to build an emergency fund when you’re balancing other priorities like debt payoff. But in fact, by building your emergency fund the right way, you’ll not only be able to get out of the debt cycle for good, but also gain the  peace of mind that comes with it.


We live in a digital world. And yet, for all its conveniences, this same digital world can bring a host of problems. Having your identity stolen or your accounts compromised can cost you money, time, and even opportunities in the form of loans not granted or jobs not offered. But by taking a few basic precautions, you can greatly reduce the chances of stolen identities and compromised accounts. A little bit of extra effort now will save you a lot of effort later.


In this tier we’re going to help you automate and clean up the most important parts of your financial life.

Life can get busy and if we’re not super organized, this can throw us off. By automating elements of your financial life, you can ensure something as mundane as paying bills on time happens every single time. This will save you not only from paying unnecessary fees, but also help your credit score. (Not to mention stopping a few unnecessary headaches!)


High-interest debt can be toxic to your financial security because once acquired, if you’re not careful about paying it off, it can set up cycles that are hard to break free from. The more money you’re paying to creditors, the less you have available to secure other aspects of your financial life – like paying for health insurance and building an emergency fund. We’ll help you figure out how to balance debt payments with your other financial priorities.


The tasks in the Security tier are a mix of quick punch list items and longer-term projects. But the thing they all have in common is that once they are completed, you will find yourself in a position of strength and will have removed considerable anxiety you may have previously felt about your financial health. From this newfound position you will be poised to mature your financial health with the confidence that comes from having built a secure financial foundation.

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