About the MoneySwell Beta

MoneySwell is in beta! Take a look at the questions below to understand what that means.

What is “beta?”

“Beta” is a software term that indicates a product is not quite final. There may be functionality that doesn’t work exactly as expected, bugs we are in the process of fixing, and bugs we haven’t yet discovered. Additionally, the “Budget Planner” tool is a basic tool during the beta. It is in the process of being significantly enhanced.

How long will MoneySwell be in beta?

MoneySwell will be in beta for a few months. However, once we have collected feedback from users, ensured strong product stability, and are ready to support the rapidly growing user-base, MoneySwell will be ready for general availability.

What happens when the beta is over?

When the beta has finished, all users who signed up during the beta period will be notified the beta has ended. Users who signed up for the Monthly Plan will be notified that the monthly price will be increasing soon. Users who signed up for the Annual Plan will maintain their 15-month extended subscription without any additional charges until their plan expires and they are asked to renew.

Will my account be automatically charged when the beta is over?

Annual Plan subscribers will not be charged until their 15-month extended subscription expires. Monthly Plan subscribers will be notified of the updated pricing no less than 30 days prior to being charged. Both plan types can cancel their plan at any time and avoid any further charges.

How can I provide feedback during the beta?

We’re thrilled you’d like to provide feedback! The best way to provide feedback is to complete this form. Thank you!